About Friendly Rehab Funds

Friendly Rehab Funds offers unparalleled leverage for your next rehab.

To leverage something is to use it to its maximum advantage. Financial leverage uses debt to acquire assets you otherwise might not be able to afford and multiply profits as a result. You might be an experienced investor who has all his or her cash tied up in other projects. Working with a hard money lender allows you to grow your business even if your own money’s deployed somewhere else. On the other hand, you might be new to real estate investing and only have modest capital to invest. This capital is not enough to buy and rehab a property, but by working with a hard money lender you can effectively compete with all-cash buyers.

Are you a real estate investor planning to buy an investment property in The Greater Richmond Area, Fredericksburg, Charlottesville, Virginia Beach or Williamsburg? If so, talk to us. We offer private financing that is fast, flexible, and focused on our local market.

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We underwrite with your success in mind.

We lend our own money, so of course, we want you to pay it back. But this isn’t enough. We want to make sure that you will make a profit. During our hands-on underwriting and servicing process, we help set realistic expectations, develop construction time schedules and avoid common pitfalls. If all the advanced planning results in an early payoff of your private loan, we will cheer you on! You save months in interest and will be ready to deploy your energies on the next successful project. A very high number of our clients are repeat clients.




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